Do you like nature, sport and thrills? “Welcome in the air!”


In Cornouaille South Finistère, Adrénature Adventure Park welcome you in the rural district of Melgven, for an outdoor activity full of adrenaline, 10 min drive from Concarneau, Pont-Aven, Névez, Trégunc and 2 min drive from the highway junction of Kérampaou.


“Welcome among the trees.”


Spread over 7 ha of preserved forest (Recreational Natural Site), you will move about on magnificent trees peaking at 35 metres for the tallest : hundred-year-old beeches, majestic Douglas firs, wild cherry trees… Adrénature Adventure Park is ecologically managed. Coming to the park is also coming to a preserved nature.


Various fun activities with different levels of difficulties, open from the age of 3, equiped with the continuous lifeline  system, an adventure 100% secured.


Suspension bridge, giant zipline, balancing games that suit all levels and the whole family, from the true beginner to the most adventurous, 11 circuits available from the age of 3 (1 m).


Pleasure and security go together at Adrénature thanks to the continuous lifeline system “green acrobatics innovation” that allows you to remain belaid all along the circuits, you go from trees to trees without unbuckling yourself. Freedom and total escape, no risk of handling mistakes.


3 hours of activities in the Adrénature Adventure Park.

Dogs are not allowed in the park even kept on a leash.